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Blasting and Blasting

The Blasting / Shot blasting is carried out using a cabin manual and automatic shot blasting a tunnel with 12 turbines jet controlled. The degrees of cleaning are guaranteed by a SA2 SA3.

The material to be treated may have the following dimensions:
In the cabin manual:
Height 3 mt
Length 13 mt
Width 3 meters
Weight 10000 kg
In the shot-blasting machine:
Height 3 mt
Length 13 mt
Width 2 mt
Weight 2000 kg

Powder Coating

Powder coating, as you may guess, implies the use of ultrathin 100% solid powder particle paints.
The powder coating is directly applied on the wanted object’s surface using an electrostatic pistol. Then the object is placed in a special drying oven to allow coating hardening, with a temperature ranging from 160° to 220°C. After the oven drying and a natural cooling process, object is ready to be assembled and packed. The hardened powder coating film thickness may vary between 60 and 300 micron.
Thanks to the high film thickness and reticulation density, powder coating can mantain excellent quality, appearance, and corrosion resistance up to 15 years!
The powder coating is totally solvent-free, so it’s a true environment-friendly painting process.
An incredible range of finish can be obtained using the powder coating; in addition to standard RAL colors, it’s possible to have special finish like metallic, micalized, embossed, skin, hammered and many more.


Hydrographics water transfer printing

RDA Multiservice recently opened a new department dedicated to cubicatura (Hydrographics Water Transfer Printing), an innovative painting technique from aesthetic and qualitative results spectacular. The endless possibilities of this technology can be applied, for drug effects, on objects of small and medium size and of various materials.

RDA Multiservice Srl is certified according to quality standards ISO 9001-2008